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Six ways to manage migraine without drugs

We’ve all heard of the crushing headache pain that comes with migraine but did you know that one in every seven people experience them, three in every four people with migraine are females, and migraine is the number one cause of disability in young people?

With so many people affected worldwide, you’d think modern medicine would have developed a solution by now but unfortunately there’s still no definite cure for migraine.

Doctors can prescribe a range of different medications to relieve or prevent symptoms but there’s actually some effective non-drug approaches that can help control this debilitating condition.

Why a non-drug approach?

While medications can be an important tool, there can be good reasons to avoid them if you can.

Not everyone can take migraine medications because of side effects, not all are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and some interact badly with drugs used to treat other disorders.

Add to that the fact they can be expensive and non-drug approaches can provide good control over the condition, so it makes perfect sense to explore other strategies to mitigate the misery of migraine attacks.

Below I’ll describe six key strategies to help manage migraine without the use of medications, drawn from my new paper published in Open Medicine.

Please read the rest of the article in the following link:

You can find the published paper here:

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