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Let's add the Altmetric to Chrome browser and use it

I use Altmetric a lot to see who is talking about my papers and where they talk about it (Facebook, Twitter, News, etc.). I really recommend it to all researchers to use it.

In this video I talk about:

1- What is the benefit of Altmetric

2- How to add it to the browser

3- How to use it

4- What the score means

This is the explanation on the website:

'A single research output may live online in multiple websites and can be talked about across dozens of different platforms. At Altmetric, we work behind the scenes, collecting and collating all of this disparate information to provide you with a single visually engaging and informative view of the online activity surrounding your scholarly content.'

'See who is talking about your research and that of your peers. Demonstrate the influence of your work to funders and evaluation committees.'

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